Content is King – Making Waves with Content Marketing

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Business Services, Content Marketing, Customer Relationship, Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Social Media

The marketing industry is a competitive one. Multiple businesses are constantly competing for a specific group of customers. Reaching those customers can be difficult when a barrage of ads surround consumers every day. It is estimated that the average American is exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 ads per day and that number is only increasing. So, how can you compete with large companies with a nearly unlimited marketing budget? The secret isn’t to directly compete with those businesses nor is it to ignore the methods that they use. The answer involves finding a perfect medium between traditional and modern marking that will turn your current and potential consumers into “waves”.

Traditional Marketing Has Its Place

There is something to say about traditional marketing. If it weren’t effective it wouldn’t still be around, right? No marketing strategy is complete without a set of advertisements that grab and retain consumer attention. However, the key to success isn’t to choose one method or the other, rather it is to combine both methods into one beautiful marketing creation.

The Rise of Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the modern tools that can make the difference. Content marketing differs from traditional advertising because it is an indirect advertisement. It is a blog, video, or social media post that raises interest in your brand without directly selling a product or service. One of the key factors of content marketing is its shareability. While people may not share something that is directly promoting your product or service, they are willing to share something that they find entertaining, that just so happens to indirectly promote your product or service.

Making a Splash that Creates Waves

Creating a post that gets shared because of the entertainment it provides is an extremely effective and cheap method of advertising. It allows you to turn each of your potential and current consumers into a wave. Once the people who follow you on your various social media profiles or come across a social media advertisement see your video or read your blog post they could begin to share it. Each person that shares it reaches a new segment of potential customers. This wave cycle continues and you obtain an increased amount of reach and visibility. Turning those waves into follows, likes, and subscriptions can put your brand on the map and create warm leads that you otherwise may have never found.

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