Do More with Your Logo

by | Mar 28, 2017 | Business Services, Design, Logo Design, Marketing, Marketing Strategy

A logo is one of the most important aspects of your business. Not only does it show the identity of your brand, it is the “face” of your company. It is one of the first things a customer will see and the adage – a picture is worth a thousand words – has never been truer. Because it is one of the first things a customer will see it is the first impression a customer gets of your brand. My entire life I grew up hearing “don’t judge a book by its cover” meaning that the outside doesn’t always symbolize what is inside. While that can mean both good and bad, covers can be deceiving. I would be lying if I didn’t say a good cover GRABS my attention quicker than a bad one. Giving your company a good “cover” in the form of a logo can attract consumers and make a lasting first impression that can translate into a solid consumer-to-business relationship.


Think about some of the most memorable and popular companies today. What is the first thing you picture when you think of those companies? If you’re anything like me, it’s their logo. The McDonald’s golden arches, the arrow pointing from the A to the Z in Amazon, the iconic blue bird next to Twitter – these images pop into my head at the sheer mention or thought of these companies. These examples show that with a creative and well-designed logo your company can solidify its place in the minds of consumers.

Do You Even Design Bro?

Designs can be as simple as text like with Google and eBay or intricate like Starbucks and Toblerone. There is no evidence in either direction that one design method is better than the other and both options can be a part of a successful company. The most important aspect of logo design is that it stays true to the company and fully represents the brand.

Reading Between the Lines

Many logo designs have hidden “gems” in them that hide a message that is significant to the company. These creative designs can symbolize the mission of the company and add to the unique-ness of the logo. Since I have already listed it in this article I will touch on it again. On the Amazon logo, there is an arrow going from the A and pointing to the Z. This arrow is meant to symbolize that Amazon carries everything from A to Z. While originally an online book retailer, Amazon has pivoted into the all-encompassing power-house it is today, but the philosophy has stayed the same.

Light the Fire

Investing in a quality logo that compasses the mission and identity of your company will give you the spark you need to light a fire under your brand and make a splash everywhere you go. While a well-designed logo will not guarantee success it is the cornerstone on which all of your marketing efforts – from web design, product packaging, and promotional materials to content marketing campaigns and social media advertisements – can be built.

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